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At Chrysels we have a separate department handling anything and everything related to flags. From customised solutions to special fabrics we keep executing extensive research to provide the best solutions for your needs.

Flags and banners can be a valuable marketing asset and are useful tools to have at your disposal. Institutions that utilize flags or banners for advertising have an edge over the competition.

They are able to generate higher volumes of exposure while also effectively attracting the attention of their customer base. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing – advertising banners and flags can be placed anywhere and can be used for any purpose. Whether it’s inside or outside, by using a flag or banner you are sure to draw attention to whatever it is you intend to promote. Effective at both close and long range, flags and banners have the ability to break your establishment free from the clutter and noise of crowded commercial and residential districts.

6m Pole Flags
Outdoor flags with long visibility and suitable for permanent usage make 6m flags very popular among consumers. Whatever you decide is the best option for you, we aim to guide you through the options to enable you to make the right choice. If you can’t find the right flagpole for you, then why not consider our Custom Flagpole service?

8m Pole Flags
Our aluminium and fibreglass flagpoles are excellent choices for prestige locations, such as heritage or ecclesiastical sites. If you wish to promote your business then you can also use flag poles for corporate buildings, helping you advertise your brand or company, this type of marketing is very popular with show homes, construction sites, universities, school and governement offices.

Angled Flags
Installed on the side of buildings, usually located on city centre hotels, angled poles and flags are the ideal way of displaying your message or logo making it visible at a distance on crowded streets.

Car Flags
Car flags can be either single-sided or double-sided. Double-sided flags are heavier, so we recommend that you use the 12″ stiff premium pole to properly secure the flag to your car when choosing a double-sided flag.

Curve Flags
The feather flag also known as curve flag is an elegant way to promote your brand, business or event. Unlike traditional flags, they don't need wind to get your message across which makes them perfect for use all year round.

Eye Drop Flags
Teardrop flags are uniquely eye-catching, with vivid colors and unmistakable style; these flags have images on the front and read reverse on the back side. All of the flags are made of durable thickness material. Advertising is made simple yet effective with these teardrop flag. Whether marketing your store, promoting a sale, or showing off a new product, the teardrop banner will be a perfect addition to your storefront or display.

Hand Flags
It’s easy to get into the competitive spirit with the custom hand flags. Our hand waver flags can be customized in a multitude of ways. Because there are so many ways to personalize your flags, they’re perfect for a wide variety of events. They’re a must at high school and college sports competitions, National day celebrations, also they’re great for large outdoor events, they make great handouts.

H Flags
Versatile free-standing H flags allow you to market your business or event indoors or outdoors to reach a wide audience! Advertise a featured sale at your retail store or broadcast your realty open-house with a vibrant display. Each display includes an impressive polyester banner with a vivid dye sublimated fabric print so your custom graphics will not run or fade, no matter what the weather brings! To stabilize your printed fabric banner, a heavy-duty base or stake is added to secure your display near a busy intersection or on the sidewalk in front of your business.

Reception Flags
Suitable for all kinds of official events and get together. The pole is available in 2 color option of golden and silver finish. Flag is made from shining satin fabric with options of adding frills.

Table/Desk Flags
Made usually in Satin fabric comes in various options with styles for pole and base. These top quality flags are made from 100% satin material, displayed on a chrome pole and display base that has a thin foam protective base on the under side.

Telescopic Flag
The Telescopic Flags systems include an aluminium tubular pole, a Plastic water base and these come in a carry bag with printed flag.
Thsese are fully collapsible and compact. Single or Double Sided print options are available. Flag accessories are available for indoor applications.
Available in 2 sizes of 4m and 5.2m

Flag Base & Weight
All kinds of bases are available for various types of flags and custom area of installation.